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Behind the Photos: Nocturnal Series

There’s been a lot of conversations about the moon lately-- I think it started with the Super Blood Wolf Moon, but it also seems like the wellness industry is shifting to a little more astrology and moon cycles as a way of informing wellness practices.  I recently read (as suggested by my daughter) Material Girl, Mystical World by Ruby Warrington. She talks about the incredible links to women in particular and the moon cycles-- and how ancient traditions were informed by the cycles of the moon.

I’ve always felt a particular attraction to the moon and it’s life force-- informing tides, the shade of night, and the spiritual connections associated with the full and new moons. What I’ve found so interesting is that the new moon, or a completely dark moon, represents a time to manifest your intentions and goals for the next 28 days as the moon begins to grow.  The full moon, on the other hand, represents a full plate, your spirit bursting with energy and emotions, and can be ritualized as a time to reflect and let go of what no longer is serving you.

Some of this might be a little too “out there” for some of you, but it has resonated with me, and I thought it might resonate with some of you.  If you don’t believe in the whole “the universe is connected” thing, you can also see these two moments as a way to set some time aside once a month to think about goals, reflect on what you’ve been putting your energy towards, and refocus on what really matters.

The images I created in the Nocturnal series represent a time of solitude with myself and the night. I remember photographing the moon and being very present and in the moment. It was in that moment that I could feel myself as a part of the energy in the universe.  Again, might be a little out there for you, but it’s a powerful thing to spend time alone with such a force of nature.

I hope you enjoy the images I created, and perhaps they can serve the purpose of reflection and thoughtfulness as you view them.